7 Top Tips to Finding the Perfect Diamond for that Dream Ring!

It’s funny… I was chatting with a client the other day and I realised how overwhelmed and nervous one can be- deciding to start looking for that perfect engagement ring and realising you really don’t know much about diamonds and you really don’t know what to look for!

I put together my 7 top tips to finding the perfect diamond   in hopes it helps to calm those nerves and gives you a better understanding before making such an important purchase.

Decide on shape:The shape of the diamond is a very important as it determines the overall look of the ring.

No shape is superior to the other, it really is personal preference however there are important factors to consider when making your decision. Here is a list of the main cuts and their benefits:

Round Brilliant Diamond; By far the most popular, with its 57 perfectly aligned facets, it’s brilliance really does outshine the rest (assuming its facet symmetry is excellent) light travels through the diamond giving optimum sparkle- in diamond terms ‘fire’.

Oval Diamond: One of the best features of the oval diamond is that it carries most of its weight at the top. In fact it appears 10% larger than the same weight in a round diamond.

Princess Diamond: Princess cut diamonds provide a higher yield in comparison to other cuts, meaning they are a much more affordable option than any other diamond as less rough is wasted.

Pear Diamond: Like oval cut diamonds, pear diamonds carry most of their weight on the top resulting in a larger looking diamond.

Decide on Colour:To ensure your diamond looks as colourless (or white as possible) Artelia recommend using the GIA colour chart for colourless diamonds for grading. It can be viewed at www.gia.edu, the colour scale starts from D (colourless) to Z (yellow/brown tinge).

Decide on Colour

At Artelia we also recommend matching any side diamonds to the same colour as the centre diamond to ensure uniformity. The line between yellow and colourless can be quite a delicate one, but can affect the price significantly so our team will guide you and take into account the design, colour of gold and the shape of the diamond.

Decide on clarity:The clearer- or eye clean that the stone appears, the more light can reflect through. This is the fundamental factor when looking at the clarity of the diamond.

Our diamond graders prefer to select diamonds with low lying inclusions hidden from the table and out of sight.

Decide on carat weight: Are you looking for a specific size? This is a big question; the carat weight determines how large the diamond looks and is the biggest factor in terms of price.

Decide on design: When looking at diamonds, its important to factor in the overall design. Whether it’s a solitaire with or without side diamonds, a pave setting, with or without a halo can really change the look of the centre diamond. With over 300 designs in store we can guide you through the ultimate designs to suit your partner’s style and your budget.

Decide on the diamond: Once you have narrowed down your preferred specifications of a diamond it is always important to compare between at least two similar options.

For a more in depth discussion on these factors we recommend booking in a consultation with a member of our team.

Verify the certificate:Did you know www.gia.edu was voted one of the most ethical companies? With the focus on only supplying ethically sourced diamonds.

This is why Artelia Jewellery proudly prefers to only use GIA certified diamonds. All GIA diamonds are also all laser inscribed ensuring authenticity and ownership.

Still not sure which ring to choose? Contact a member of our team can navigate your journey and ensure you have the necessary knowledge to make the right diamond ring purchase.