Your Complete Guide on How To Choose a Wedding Ring

At Artelia, we know that the story of your love is timeless, unique and invaluable. That’s why we are committed to crafting bespoke wedding bands that are as priceless as you and your partner’s bond. Weddings are lifetime milestones, and choosing the perfect wedding ring is one of the most important decisions you can make before proposing. To make the exciting task of selecting the type of ring for her or him more straightforward, we’ve created a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know, including how to choose a wedding ring that you’ll want to wear for life. 

The symbolism behind wedding bands

Wedding rings symbolise the perfection of eternal love and the timeless bond of long-term commitment. Wedding bands are visual declarations of the deep and unbreakable connection you and your beloved share. Circles represent eternity, the promise of true love, faithfulness and a lifetime of bliss and these romantic sentiments are embodied in wedding rings. 

Wedding ring metal options

When choosing a type of wedding ring, consider your personal taste and lifestyle. Our expert artisans can customise our collection of exquisitely designed wedding bands to fit your unique requirements. At Artelia, we pride ourselves on crafting spectacular designs that last a lifetime and can be lovingly passed down through the generations as priceless family heirlooms. 

The creation of your bespoke wedding band starts with choosing the right metal. Forge your band of love from a selection of 18K white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum. Traditionally, gold is one of the most sought-after metals for wedding bands. Gold is measured in carats, and pure gold is 24 carats. However, pure gold is extremely soft and easily malleable and usually not the ideal option when creating jewellery. 18K or 75% pure gold is usually the go-to, thanks to its durable and sturdy construction. 

The colour of 18K gold depends on the type of metals mixed into the alloy. Yellow gold contains a fine balance of zinc and copper that give its rich, warm glow, making it a classic and timeless choice for many wedding ring styles. White gold is constructed from an alloy of metals, including copper and zinc — this gives the stone its pale, ethereal shimmer. Rose gold's delicate pinkish hue is derived from copper. 

Platinum is a luxurious metal that is durable and scratch-resistant, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear. The metal’s high density allows it to hold precious stones and diamonds in place. Its longevity, resilience and beauty set it apart from other metals, and the shimmery silver tones refract the light perfectly. 

Simply choose the precious metal that resonates with the unique nature of your relationship, and the skilled artisans at Artelia will design a timeless and unforgettable wedding ring for her or him.

Choosing a diamond that complements your wedding ring style

Artelia’s bespoke, one-of-a-kind wedding bands are completely customisable to hold a range of rare gemstone varieties and diamonds that match any type of wedding ring you desire. All our diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced and are of the highest quality.  

Durable and scratch-resistant diamonds are a popular choice of stone for wedding bands. The dazzling light refracting off the diamond adds unmatched sparkle and glamour, turning your ring into a magnificent tribute to love. Our diamonds come in various cuts — round, oval, pear, square and more. Simply chat with our artisans and allow them to design a bespoke ring that meets your exact specifications. 

We also offer an exquisite selection of precious gemstones. From emeralds and pearls to rubies and sapphires, all are available in various cuts and sizes. If you’re unable to decide on the type of precious stones to match the style of your wedding ring, our specialist jewellers can help you find the perfect set of stones to bring your ring to life.

Establishing the setting style for your wedding band

When selecting a type of wedding ring for her, the setting style is an important criterion to consider.

  • Prong wedding bands

This timeless setting is designed to display the brilliance of single-stone or solitaire rings. The setting has four to six prongs that place the spotlight on the centre stone, creating a magnificent and hypnotic effect. Six prongs hold the gemstone securely in place but can often overwhelm smaller solitaires. That’s why this style is usually best suited to larger gemstones and precious diamonds. The careful placement of the prongs allows light exposure from multiple angles, enabling the diamond to shine in all of its glory. 
At Artelia, we offer solitaire rings of the highest quality — and the meticulous care put into each solitaire wedding band creates a priceless piece of fine jewellery you’ll don for the rest of your life. 
  • Halo wedding bands

The halo setting typically has a large central diamond surrounded by a circle or halo of pavé or micro-pavé diamonds. The result is a breathtaking cut that draws upon a vintage aesthetic while offering a subtle contemporary edge.
Versatile and easy to customise so your band offers a unique edge, the visual appeal of the halo setting adds glamour and sophistication to any type of wedding ring. At Artelia, we’re renowned for creating unforgettable, bespoke halo and double halo diamond rings that can be customised to your exact requirements. Our skilled artisans will work with you every step of the way to ensure we bring your dream wedding band and setting to life. 
  • Trilogy wedding bands

The trilogy wedding band features a three-stone configuration, traditionally symbolising the past, present and future of a couple’s monumental journey towards love. The undeniable romantic appeal of this setting makes it a popular and highly sought-after type of wedding ring. Trilogy rings showcase a cluster of three stones, with the largest gemstone slightly elevated and positioned in the centre of the band. The artistic design of this ring and band style accentuates the sparkle and unique beauty of each precious diamond.
When creating your bespoke ring with Artelia, you can choose to mould your wedding band in either bold, contemporary styles or classic, traditional designs. Our experienced jewellers will create the type of wedding ring you desire. Plus, we give all our valued customers total peace of mind by offering a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on every piece we design, create and bring to life. 
  • Cluster wedding bands

Dramatic and sensual, diamond cluster rings have a glamorous antique feel. Cluster rings feature an intricate assortment of smaller diamonds or precious stones gently encrusted together. This style offers a brilliant sparkle and spread, making this type of wedding ring perfect for celebrating your special day.
Unlike larger traditional cut diamonds, cluster rings offer a great degree of freedom in choosing the arrangement of the gemstones. The potential to create an original and bespoke wedding ring that personifies your uniqueness is limitless, once in a lifetime opportunity. At Artelia, we’re proud to offer over 500 beautiful designs as well as customisable wedding ring styles that allow you to create the design of your dreams. 

Wedding rings versus wedding bands — is there a difference?

Journeying back in time, wedding bands and rings were once considered two entirely different pieces of jewellery. A piece that excluded gemstones was known as a wedding band. The ring could be thin or thick, but its simplicity and lack of adornments were its defining characteristics. Rings that were more ornate and featured an array of gemstones and embellishments were usually referred to as wedding rings. Today, “band” and “ring” signify the same piece of jewellery, representing a bond of eternal love. 

How to choose a wedding ring

Wondering how to choose the right type of wedding ring for her or him? A wedding band is an expensive investment — so the last thing you want to do is make an irrational decision. To help you select or create the perfect design, consider these important factors:

  • Diamonds and precious stones come in a variety of shapes, sizes and cuts. Knowledge of your fiance’s favourite shape and wedding ring style can help simplify your search and narrow down the available options.
  • Different carats come at different price points, so having a carat size in mind will give you a rough estimate of the required budget.
  • Do not underestimate the power of accurate measurements. To avoid the wedding band slipping off or spinning around the finger, ensure it sits comfortably on your partner’s ring finger.
  • Match your engagement ring's theme to the wedding ring's style. Harmonising the theme of the rings gives an elegant, refined and streamlined aesthetic. Read our guide to buying an engagement ring by following the link.
  • Certification is essential. You must ensure that your investment is supported by genuine value and a foolproof warranty. At Artelia, we offer you ethically sourced diamonds that are hand-selected to ensure you get nothing but exceptional quality. 

          Let Artelia share in your celebration and create your set of wedding bands 

          At Artelia, we take pride in creating exquisite wedding bands that are personal, unique and endlessly sentimental. Our bespoke collection of wedding bands features timeless pieces of fine art designed to celebrate the eternal bond you and your beloved share. 

          Whether you are looking for a traditional wedding band or a unique and contemporary type of wedding ring, you’re sure to find or create your dream design at Artelia. Each beautiful, bespoke band is entirely customisable as per your requirements and comes with a lifetime warranty. Whether you shop online or in-store, our experienced and skilled artisans are here to help you choose or curate the perfect wedding band.

          If you have a design in mind and want to bring your dream ring to life, book an appointment with one of our skilled jewellers in our exclusive VIP suite, and we’ll create an unforgettable wedding band that exceeds your expectations.


          What are the most popular types of wedding rings for her?

          When it comes to the types of wedding rings for her, the options are truly endless. When choosing a design, you can select anything from a simple, elegant band to an opulent trilogy ring or a striking halo setting that effortlessly refracts the light with a soft shimmer. Knowing your partner’s personal preference is a good place to start.

          What are the most popular wedding band styles for him?

          The most popular wedding band for men is an unadorned band. Minimalist wedding rings set with a simple diamond or a subtle row of small diamonds are popular choices. We offer a selection of wedding ring styles for men crafted from durable and precious metals such as gold, zirconium, titanium and platinum. 

          What hand does the wedding ring go on?

          Conventionally, wedding rings go on the ring finger or the fourth finger on the left hand. However, some people choose to wear their wedding band on the right hand.

          How do I choose a wedding ring?

          While choosing your wedding ring style, keep in mind the pointers such as the type of metal, the setting and the kind of gemstone you want. Ultimately, the final decision depends on your personal style and lifestyle choices.

          Should your wedding bands match?

          It is unnecessary to match your wedding band to your partner’s band. Some couples opt for designs that complement each other’s wedding band to create a cohesive look. However, there is a growing preference for wearing wedding bands that are unique to the individual rather than strictly matching bands to each other.