At Artelia Jewellery we consider ourselves remodel specialists.

Love your diamond or gemstone but want to update the design or colour gold? Through our custom made jewellery services we are specialists in the remodel of your exhisting rings and jewellery items. We use your stones and your gold (if for sentimental reasons you would like to use original gold also) and make an entirely new design or revitalise an exhisting design to your specifications and using your original piece.

Additionally if you have lost, have had stolen or severely damaged a jewellery item we can also craft an exact replica to the original design, which is often the case for jewellery insurance claims.

We can also design a new setting for your existing diamond or gemstone/s to ensure the foundations are secure (without altering entire piece) and ensure that you love your updated piece.

Contact us and book a complimentary consultation with our designers  to craft a beautiful, relevant piece you will love.