What is an Asscher cut diamond?

Asscher cut diamonds are a very unique and distinct cut diamond. Distinguished by their unique long facets and a higher crown compared to other diamonds, they have a brilliance and sparkle like no other. Asscher cut diamonds also have more facets than any other diamond, therefore displaying a fire and sparkle like no other diamond.


What makes an asscher cut diamond ring unique?

Asscher cut diamonds are very similar to emerald cut diamonds in the way that they are faceted. This style is termed step cut, and what makes them so unique is that although they are cut in the same way as the emerald cut diamond, the cuts are parallel to each other to give its unique square profile and one of a kind brilliance. It is important when selecting an asscher cut diamond to ensure a higher clarity grade as asscher cut diamonds are step cut, inclusions can be more visible.

The distinct asscher cut diamond also makes a very beautiful eternity band as the facets are so individual they make a perfect addition to any shape engagement ring. View our asscher cut diamond eternity band here.

What are popular engagement ring styles for asscher cut diamonds?

All engagement ring designs can be personalised and altered to suit your individual style. However a very popular option for an asscher cut engagement ring is pairing the asscher cut centre diamond with a round brilliant diamond halo. The addition of a different cut diamond profile around the asscher cut centre diamond really highlights its unique cut profile and the reflection of light from both cuts is brighter than any other. View our asscher cut engagement ring with a round brilliant halo here.

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