From the richest rouge to dusty pink, pale crimson citrus to luxurious scarlet, rubies offer a spectrum of shades to form the centrepiece of any beautiful ring. At Artelia, our ruby engagement rings are Australian made and designed in-house, so you can work with our team to craft a truly unique piece befitting the occasion.

Discover custom ruby engagement rings from Artelia

From your very first appointment, our team of jewellery experts will work with you to discover the vision for your dream ruby engagement ring and bring it to life before your eyes. We’re experts in custom details and fully bespoke pieces and specialise in both standalone engagement rings as well as complete bridal sets. Start the conversation with us today, and see how we can realise your vision for a totally unique and precious custom ruby engagement ring. 


What does a ruby engagement ring mean?

Rubies are one of the most ancient precious gemstones, prized for centuries for their rich deep colour and sparkling depths. They symbolise passion, purity, nobility and abundance — in a ruby engagement ring, the stone immediately signals a fiery spirit and strength. 

Why choose a custom ruby engagement ring?

A ruby engagement ring is immediately a bold and striking choice underscored by a long tradition of use in historic jewellery pieces. When you choose a custom engagement ring from Artelia, you can select your favourite elements from modern and vintage designs to perfectly craft a piece that represents your relationship and style.

Where are Artelia’s rubies sourced from?

Artelia proudly uses only premium quality and ethically sourced materials in our ruby engagement rings. We’re proud to support transparent relationships with gemstone mine site holders all across the globe, bringing our customers dazzling and rare precious stones from sources that do not use exploitative practices.

What are the most popular designs for ruby engagement rings in Australia?

When it comes to a ruby engagement ring, your design is only limited by your imagination. Ruby and diamond engagement rings are a popular choice; the brilliant sparkle of diamonds is contrasted beautifully by the more muted and complex light of rubies. White gold ruby engagement rings are also popular, as white gold allows the truly unique and dazzling colour of this precious jewel to shine through.

Send an enquiry to us to ask any questions about our custom design rings and jewellery. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours.

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