Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Blushing and delicate rose gold engagement rings captivate the wearer and the viewer alike, bringing warmth to any betrothal ring design. Whether you already have a collection of rose gold pieces you’d like to match, or you’ve fallen in love with rose gold’s captivating hue, find the perfect piece in our collection. With a beautiful selection of rose gold engagement rings in Australia just waiting for you to discover, you’re sure to fall in love with one of our pieces.

Custom rose gold engagement rings from Melbourne’s fine jewellery specialists

Artelia has years of experience in transforming couples’ visions for their dream engagement ring into reality. Our state-of-the-art jewellery store and workshop in the heart of Melbourne is an oasis in which you can explore the world of fine bespoke jewellery, selecting your favourite elements to be balanced and expertly designed by our master jewellers. Choose a piece from our  Engagement Ring, or put together a bridal set that can be worn forever.Book an appointment to meet one of our team today, and start planning one of the most important jewellery pieces they’ll ever wear.


Why choose a rose gold engagement ring?

Increasingly, rose gold is rivalling its traditional yellow and white counterparts as a popular choice for engagement rings. Rose gold engagement rings sit comfortably beside more everyday jewellery pieces, complementing existing collections without losing any of the grandeur and elegance that an engagement ring should command. Fresh and modern without being faddish, feminine yet timeless, a rose gold engagement ring is well suited to rings commemorating love and devotion.

What are the most popular ring/stone styles for rose gold engagement rings?

This precious metal's warm and delicate tones give it an approachable and intimate feel while still being high-impact enough to provide a gorgeous backdrop for diamonds and precious stones of all types. Rose gold set atop with a peachy hued morganite stone implies a continuation of colour and an organic flow through the piece, as if the rose gold itself sprang forth the precious gem. High contrast stones also look stunning against the warm tones of rose gold, while white and black diamonds lend a chic monochromatic character to a ring that is still full of life. From traditional styles to sleek, modern settings, our team will work with you to help you choose the perfect rose gold engagement ring.

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