Attention To Perfection

Artelia is a jewellery house founded by our passion for unique, personal and exceptional quality jewellery. Our background in manufacturing means that we have generations of experience in making the highest quality Melbourne engagement ring and other pieces, designed to last a lifetime of love and affection.

Artelia was founded as a way for us to create a connection with the people who love and wear our jewellery, and the memories that our designs come to represent. We believe that jewellery is personal, sentimental and emotional – working with individuals rather than only other industry professionals mean that we can now finally enjoy the connections that make jewellery so truly special.

At Artelia, we offer to you the finest diamonds, pearls, precious stones and consider ourselves wedding and engagement ring specialists. All our precious pieces are proudly designed and created in-house by Artelia master jewellers and designers to meet the dreams of our clients, and we take pride in our ability to help all of our guests watch their dream diamond engagement ring or other piece come to life in front of them.

The Artelia bespoke approach means that our clients are given flexibility in the design process, as we allow them control over every element of their piece; and our direct relationship with manufacturing means that we can offer greater flexibility throughout the design and manufacturing process.

All of our jewellery is manufactured at our workshop in Mulgrave. We believe that to make the highest quality product, every element of the manufacturing process should be done with care, respect and the utmost attention to detail, and we exemplify those values in our work ethic, our passion, and our final pieces.

Our flagship store opened in Westfield Fountain Gate on the 28th of May in 2017, bringing our dreams of flexible, personal and bespoke jewellery into reality. In late 2019 we also opened our exclusive diamond lounge, right in the heart Melbourne City and the Diamond District. If you would like to consult with us at Artelia about what we can offer you at our jewellery stores, or to see our stunning collection of finished pieces, we warmly invite you to visit us at Fountain Gate or Melbourne City.