At Artelia, we are committed to providing Australia with World class quality jewellery made from the purest and finest metal made in the most ethical and responsible environment right here in Melbourne, Australia. Did you know we have our very own gold refinery? 

Choosing a suitable precious metal

  • Gold 

Yellow Gold has been universally the most popular and sought after type  of precious metal. It is everlasting as it wont tarnish, fade or corrode. The intensity of yellow will vary depending on which carat you choose. The higher the carat gold, the more fine gold present and therefore the more intense the colour. At Artelia, you can choose from a range of carats of gold including 9ct, 14ct, 18ct and with some pieces even 22ct gold. For example 18ct gold contains 75% fine gold (hence the stamp 750) and 25% of other metals so has a richer yellow hue, 9ct gold contains 37.5% gold and 63.5% other metals so will have a lighter colour. Artelia proudly never use nickel in our metals alloys, a common irritant and allergen.

  • White Gold 

White  gold is a n alloy formed when fine yellow gold is mixed with other white precious metals to create the final metal white in colour. At Artelia  jewellery we combine palladium into our white gold formula, a sister metal to platinum, ensuring our white gold stays white and bright for longer.

White gold is regularly plated with rhodium to keep the  fine  yellow  fold from coming through. Having palladium in our white gold ensures rhodium plating needs to be done less frequently, and gives Artelia pieces a superior finish.

  • Rose Gold 

Rose gold is an alloy of fine yellow gold which utilises more copper in the alloy formula to create a rose or pinkish hue within the precious metal. 

  • Platinum 

Platinum is the rarest and most valuable of all precious metals. Platinum jewellery contains more fine metal than any other jewellery, being at 95% pure. This rich purity makes platinum hypoallergenic and its naturally white colour will not tarnish, oxidise or lose its lustre.