Delicate yet substantial, refined yet opulent, a princess cut engagement ring is an elegant and distinct choice for any bride-to-be. Singular and striking in a bold princess cut solitaire engagement ring, or set amongst a constellation of more petite pavé set stones, our collection of princess cut engagement rings from Artelia is sure to impress. Whether you’re choosing a piece for a surprise proposal or designing your dream ring together, look no further than Artelia’s custom engagement ring service

Bring your vision for a princess cut engagement ring to life

When you book an appointment with the specialist jewellers at Artelia, we’ll work with you to create the ring you’ve always dreamed of. From our in-house designed pieces to custom rings with personalised details and fully bespoke engagement rings, our Melbourne team have decades of experience in translating the ineffable quality of your relationship into a piece you’ll treasure for years to come. 


What is a princess cut diamond engagement ring?

A princess-cut ring refers to the shape of the primary stone. A princess-cut is generally square or rectangular, with a sizeable hexagonal facet on the top of the stone, and an attractive diamond-shaped side profile. The princess cut preserves more of the original uncut diamond than a round cut and can be set in line with the ring band for a square appearance or a diagonal diamond shape.

Why should I choose a princess cut engagement ring?

If you’ve always dreamed of a dramatic, sizable stone, a princess cut engagement ring is perfect. The distinctive shape captures the light beautifully and is well suited to a high prong setting that allows the ring to sit up from the finger for extra height and allure.

What stone options are available for women's princess cut engagement rings?

Diamonds remain an ever-popular choice for princess cut engagement rings, with their unmatched brilliance and classic look. For the less-than-conventional bride, Artelia offers a range of gorgeous princess cut stones to express your personality and the unique nature of your relationship. Choose from complex morganite and tourmaline, azure sapphire, rich emerald, eye-catching ruby and bold black diamond to create a truly unique princess cut engagement ring.

Why should I choose Artelia for princess cut engagement rings in Melbourne?

When you choose Artelia for your custom princess-cut engagement ring, you’re selecting expert jewellers with decades of experience in making couples’ dreams come true. From our ethical selection of stones to our considered design and superior craftsmanship, we’ll help you create a piece worthy of the occasion.

Send an enquiry to us to ask any questions about our custom design rings and jewellery. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours.

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