Citrine Engagement Rings

If your leading lady lives her life boldly, a citrine engagement ring may perfectly complement her colourful personality. A bright yellow or intense orange citrine ring is the ideal way to encapsulate your bride-to-be's sunny and cheerful disposition. Durable, timeless, and fun, a citrine engagement ring will turn heads while remaining stylish for years to come.

Citrine has remained one of the most highly sought after and popular gemstones throughout history. It is gorgeous and easy to spot with its beautiful, fiery yellow colour. If you're looking for a breathtaking citrine engagement ring, Artelia is here to help.


What is citrine and what does it symbolise?

Citrine is a part of the quartz family and gets its name from the citron fruit, similar to a lemon. "Citron" is also French for "lemon." Citron was highly desired during the Art Deco period in the 20th century for its rarity and gorgeous colour.

Citrines also hold deep meanings and are said to bring prosperity, abundance, and success — what better way to start the rest of your lives together?

What metal looks best with citrine?

Metals that look best with citrine engagement rings include white, rose, and yellow golds or platinum. Sterling silver also complements citrine quite nicely. However, if you're looking for a seamless blend of metals, opt for yellow gold, which will blend perfectly with the natural hue of the citrine.

Why choose a citrine engagement ring?

If you're looking for a unique and highly symbolic engagement ring, a citrine engagement ring may be the perfect choice. If your bride-to-be was born in November, citrines are the November birthstone! What better way to pay homage to the month the love of your life was born than with a citrine engagement ring?

A citrine ring is perfect for the bubbly bride who loves to colour outside of the lines and enjoys looking at the bright side of things.

Why choose Artelia for women's citrine engagement rings in Melbourne?

If you're looking for a citrine ring in Australia, stop by Artelia. We are a custom, speciality jeweller that will guide you through every step of the engagement ring process. You can browse our collection of gorgeous citrine rings in Melbourne or work with one of our designers to create a custom engagement ring. We can also help you pick out or design a wedding band that will perfectly complement the citrine engagement ring to create a complete sunny look for your big day.

Contact us today for an appointment, and let's get started making your dreams a reality.

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