Morganite Engagement Rings

Shining with warmth and splendour, unique morganite gems adorn some of the most memorable jewellery pieces. If you and your partner want a timeless piece that evokes both old-world charm and fresh, modern design sensibilities, a morganite engagement ring is sure to please. While white diamonds offer clarity and sparkle, more and more couples are choosing gemstone engagement rings such as morganite for a bespoke design that feels unique to them. As a reflection of your commitment, love and loyalty, there is no more beautiful symbol than a stunning morganite engagement ring.

Discover Melbourne made morganite engagement rings from Artelia bespoke fine jewellery

With a dedicated store and workshop in the heart of Melbourne, Artelia is proud to bring you a custom engagement ring experience like no other. Our expert jewellery specialist will help you find the perfect morganite engagement ring, whether the finished design already lives in your head or you need the inspiration to find your perfect fit. From the initial design to the proposal day itself, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting a ring that perfectly reflects your relationship. Book an appointment with us today and start the process of discovering your dream ring.


Is morganite strong enough for an engagement ring?

Although diamonds are by far the strongest gem on the Moh’s hardness scale for gemstones, many precious gems are suitable for everyday jewellery, like an engagement ring. With its aquamarine and emerald elements, Morganite is strong and durable, making it an excellent alternative to diamonds.

What does a morganite engagement ring symbolise?

Known as a crystal symbolising divine love, purity of spirit and compassion, morganite makes an excellent choice for engagement rings. While it is commonly associated with a blushing pink, morganite also comes in an array of hues, ranging from the palest peach to dusty rose and an almost copper brownish pink. All still hold incredible depth while maintaining clarity and sparkle.

What are the most popular ring styles for morganite engagement rings in Australia?

With champagne, sparkling ballet slipper pink and tones that glisten like pink grapefruit, morganite is a wonderfully versatile stone, perfect for a variety of settings and pairing with other precious gems. Popular styles include our white diamond and morganite engagement rings, which are soft and dazzling in equal measure. Evocative of rich earth and native flora, rose gold and morganite pair together beautifully for pieces that feel both organic and almost other-worldly in their beauty.

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