Solitaire Engagement Rings Melbourne

The ring that needs no introduction thanks to its timeless class, the solitaire diamond ring is the symbol set to brighten her world. For decades, Artelia has been driven by our unwavering love for one-of-a-kind diamonds, and the magic that happens when history meets contemporary designs. The diamond solitaire engagement ring dates back to the Victorian era, and though the style has evolved over the years, the meaning has always stayed the same: a beautiful ring that represents one of life’s most anticipated milestones.

We uncover rare and ethically sourced diamonds from around the globe, to craft the highest quality solitaire rings Australia has to offer. Artelia’s master jewellers have a unique heritage and experience collected from Turkey, Germany and Italy, and meticulous attention to detail goes into the making of every solitaire diamond ring for that unmistakable Artelia sparkle.

Design the perfect diamond solitaire ring

Artelia makes bespoke creations from our hearts to yours. Crafting custom engagement rings here in Melbourne is what sets us apart, and it’s this personal approach that fills a proposal with even more magic; an added touch that makes a ring unique to the two of you. Offering an extensive selection of shapes, sizes, diamonds and settings, your vision is restricted by nothing.

However intricate your design, the craftsmen at Artelia work with you to bring it into the world. From all-time classic diamond solitaire rings through to a piece that expresses individuality, such as sapphire engagement rings or even South Sea pearl rings that each tell their own story, we can’t wait to join you on this exciting journey.

All Artelia bespoke pieces come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

The Artelia Distinction

Cuts you might not have considered. When the ring is the centre focus, a distinctive diamond shape says it all.

Pear diamond

Princess diamond

Cushion diamond

Marquise diamond

As elegant and interesting as the person you love, the pear-shaped diamond’s unique silhouette makes an on-trend impact.

A classic square shape with distinctive corners, this effortlessly sleek diamond delivers sheer brilliance and modern allure.

Fitting in both timeless and modern settings, the cushion cut diamond is famous for its versatility and sophisticated sparkle.

A whimsical shape that truly captures the heart, the marquise diamond is one you don’t see everyday. Perfect for non-traditional brides that value unique beauty.

Visit one of our jewellery stores in Melbourne 

Be inspired by our unparalleled design experience and exceptional manufacturing, for one-of-a-kind solitaire engagement rings that mark the beginning of a life lived as a pair. Whether you already have an idea in mind, or you need a helping hand to get started, our team is with you right up until the moment she says “yes”.

You’ll find us at 243 Collins St or Westfield Fountain Gate, where you can book a personal consultation within our Suites.

Solitaire engagement rings allow for the purity and depth of a dazzling gemstone to shine through. With a focused design that emphasises a central gemstone as the heart of each piece, solitaire diamond engagement rings are fast becoming a leading choice for anyone who wants a beautiful fusion of simplicity and character. For those who desire bold yet refined designs, a coloured gemstone set in an oval solitaire engagement ring is a beautiful and singular design they’ll love.

Go bespoke with in-house jewellery design and manufacturing

If you’re ready to start designing your bespoke solitaire engagement ring, the team at Artelia are here to help you bring your vision to life. Book an appointment with us today and visit our VIP suite, where you’ll see our superior designs. Our diamond specialists can’t wait to meet with you.


What is a solitaire engagement ring?

Named because of the solitary jewel that defines this style, solitaire engagement rings provide the perfect opportunity for a bold gemstone to shine. You might associate a solitaire diamond engagement ring with minimalism and sleek lines — and this is a great choice for anyone whose preference is for a simple, considered design. However, solitaire rings can be an easy way to showcase impressive metalwork and filigree detail. A solitaire engagement ring can present a sizable stone in an equally impressive and unique setting; jewels emerge from the petals of a flower, catch the light in a delicate basket setting or are caught within a claw — ready to accompany a wedding ring in a bridal setting.

What style options are available for women's solitaire engagement rings?

You’re sure to find the perfect piece for your special someone within Artelia’s fine jewellery collection. Whether you choose a gold solitaire engagement ring with a classically set stone, a bold white gold solitaire engagement ring in a dramatic square, a pear-shaped jewel or a timeless round solitaire engagement ring, we’ll work with you to craft an unforgettable ring they’ll treasure forever.

Why choose Artelia for women’s solitaire engagement rings in Melbourne?

Selecting a solitaire engagement ring from Melbourne’s bespoke jewellers offers you the opportunity to craft a symbol of your love that is as unique as your relationship. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, ethically sourced stones, and flawless construction set us apart from the mundane and mass-produced.

Send an enquiry to us to ask any questions about our custom design rings and jewellery. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours.

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