Custom Made Bridal Sets

An engagement ring represents the first step of your commitment, but a bridal ring set tells the whole story. Just like the two of you, this collection is designed to fit together seamlessly, and made to inspire romance that lasts a lifetime. Designed and crafted in Melbourne by generations of the Ulas family, our passion for creating beautiful art translates into every piece you wear on your finger.

We specialise in custom wedding ring sets, with each piece meticulously created just for you. Here to inspire as well as bring your own vision to life, the moment you walk through Artelia’s doorway, you’ll find yourself in a welcoming space where love knows no limits. Surrounded by one-of-a-kind gemstones and the highest quality diamonds sourced from around the world, Artelia is set to become your own treasured gem within Westfield, Fountain Gate.

Bespoke wedding ring sets

Our bespoke service is the outcome of decades of training and experience in jewellery manufacturing. Beginning in Turkey and then working alongside master craftsmen and pioneers in Germany and Italy, we know the industry inside-out. This unique heritage is mirrored in the unique Artelia collection, which blends today’s trends with timeless traditions.

Collaborating with our customers to create custom engagement rings and bridal sets that reflect your unique bond, we’re with you for the entire journey, from “hello” to “I do”. With an unparalleled collection of diamonds and gemstones, designing everything from sapphire engagement rings to trilogy engagement rings that are in a class of their own, becomes a reality with Artelia by your side.

Artelia Jewellery Perfect Pairings

Making the most brilliant impact when worn together, Artelia designs bridal set wedding rings that perfectly complement the shape of the diamond in your engagement ring.

Oval diamond

Round diamond

Cushion cut diamond

Radiant cut diamond

A delicate beauty that’s been shaped by modern-day charm, the oval diamond makes a striking statement.

A perfectly symmetrical classic that stands the test of time, a round brilliant diamond sparkles like nothing else.

Where elegant curves meet a romantic feel, the cushion cut is steeped in history but maintains its modern-day appeal.

For excellent brilliance, fire and sparkle, a radiant cut diamond is one whose reputation truly lives up to its name.

Visit the Artelia Jewellery boutique at 243 Collins St, Melbourne

Artelia custom fine jewellery house, established in 1991, continues to be a part of the beautiful journey for couples in Melbourne and across Australia. Here to help you build your dream bridal ring set that represents the moment you tie the wedding knot, our love and passion for what we do will become clear during your experience with us.

Visit us at 243 Collins St Melbourne for an appointment with one of our diamond specialists in our Exclusive Bridal Suite, or send an enquiry if you have any questions.

When it comes to pairing the perfect wedding band to your engagement ring, buying them as a matching set from the beginning can help to reduce any unnecessary stress. With a variety of different bespoke bridal sets available for purchase from Artelia Jewellery, shopping for wedding rings in Melbourne has never been easier.

The best collection of bridal sets in Australia

As the star of the show, engagement rings often get more attention than their complementary wedding band. With a custom-made bridal set, you can rest assured that both pieces of jewellery will enhance the other perfectly — because they were designed together. Book an appointment to explore our entire collection of high-quality bridal sets today and receive additional VIP pampering from our dedicated customer service team. 


What is a bridal set?

A bridal set is a pair of rings (often an engagement ring and wedding band) designed together to have a similar look and feel. Often built to fit seamlessly next to each other on your finger, wedding ring sets are designed to look like one elegant ring when worn at the same time.

Why do some wedding ring sets have three rings?

While it is common for bridal sets to come as a pair of two rings, three-band wedding ring sets are becoming increasingly popular. Often bought as a one-year anniversary present or as a gift after the birth of a child, the third ring of a bridal set is worn on the opposite side of the engagement ring from the wedding band. When bought as a custom made bridal set, these three bands can fit seamlessly into each other, creating one exquisite piece of jewellery.

What stone and metal options are available for bridal set rings?

At Artelia Jewellery, we are committed to helping our couples find and create their dream wedding ring sets. Our customers have plenty of options when it comes to designing the settings of their bridal sets and you can rest assured that your rings will be made from the best quality precious metals, including 18K yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, white gold, and platinum. When it comes to adding a stone to your ring, we hand-select the best quality diamonds in the world as part of our gemstone collection. 

Not sure if you want a diamond wedding ring set? Customise your bridal set to your liking by adding other popular gemstones, including rubies, sapphires, emeralds, morganite, and more. There is no better way to display your unique personality and preferences than with a unique bridal set!

Why choose Artelia Jewellery for wedding ring sets in Australia?

As firm believers in the emotional and sentimental value of high-quality jewellery, we want to help our customers find the perfect bridal set to represent their love. Always made with exceptional care, you can rest assured that your every desire will be met when you shop for bridal sets online or in-store at Artelia Jewellery.

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