Bespoke Diamond Jewellery

Learn how our bespoke design approach can turn your dreams into a reality.


Elegantly Crafted Bespoke Diamond Engagement Rings in Melbourne
At Artelia, we specialise in crafting unique jewellery pieces for those special moments of your life. Beautifully designed, we bring you a gorgeous collection of engagement rings in an assortment of styles. Designed from the finest diamonds, pearls and precious stones, each piece is distinct and reflect the beauty of your relationship. However simple or intricate might be your design idea, we possess the expertise to come up with something that you will absolutely love. Check out some of our finished jewellery to find exuberant pieces.
Create Your Own Jewellery At Artelia
We specialise in creating one-off pieces to suit your style and preference. Each piece is carefully created and reflects the craftsmanship of our designers. We are passionate about designing stunning pieces and for us, every creation is an art. With the endless options available and the exclusive design options, we can make your idea a reality.
Our bespoke approach means that you have control over every element of the design process. We give our clients the freedom to design jewellery just the way they want. Whether you already have an idea in mind or need help with unique ideas, feel free to reach out to us.
Visit our boutique to discover some of our finished creations. We will be happy to discuss your requirement.

1. Select your stone 

At Artelia we use only best and most beautiful stones to make our bespoke pieces. We believe that a truly beautiful stone is far more than its certifications which is why our diamonds and coloured stones are personally selected from all over the world by our master jewellers and lead designers.
All of our stones are natural and not heat treated. This gives us a range of stunning jewels in varying tints and tones, giving every piece we create it's own unique character. You can trust us to select the perfect stone for your design, or if you prefer, we can work together to find the stones that resonate with you, creating a piece that is not only beautifully unique, but deeply personal.
At Artelia we see a custom piece of jewellery as something personal, and we treat each design as an opportunity to make something wonderful and new.

2. Design your ring

We love to work with clients to create their perfect piece. We do so by meeting together in our store to look through our designs as well as any designs that have sparked your curiosity or inspired your piece. We listen carefully to what inspires you and what you want your finished piece to be.

Together we create your design, right down to the smallest details. We create an accurate 3D rendered image, so that you can clearly see the proportions and details of your design. From there, you are free to alter your design, and together we make any changes to perfect your piece.

Once the design is perfect, it's sent to our talented manufacturing team, who will bring your design to life. We use the highest quality metals in the creation of our rings, and all our stones are hand set with the utmost love and respect.

When your piece is completed, it is finished to the highest quality and with meticulous attention to detail.

3. Fall in love

Here at Artelia we care deeply about our clients and the pieces that we have designed together. We take pride in the friendships we create through our brand and we appreciate every unique and lovely story that has brought our guests to the store.
Taking your Artelia design home doesn't have to be the end of the experience. We encourage clients to stop by, so that we can talk over tea or champagne and check the condition of your ring. Quality is our priority, and our jewellery is designed to last a lifetime of love, attention and care.
If you would like your design cleaned, polished, altered or improved, we would love to be the ones to help you with that process. Beautiful pieces deserve all the care in the world, and at Artelia we understand that a well loved piece deserves all the attention and care that one would give to a brand new design.
Bring new life to your beautiful jewellery piece

At Artelia, our experience in jewellery manufacturing means that we are also able to provide specialised technical care to all of our clients well-loved pieces. We are more than willing to assist our clients with ring repairs, remodelling, jewellery restorations and jewellery cleaning and polishing.

Your most sentimental pieces deserve to be treated with the same love and respect as a new design, and we understand that an older piece is full of history. Our love for jewellery shows through every design that passes through our hands, whether it is ours or not.

The vast experience of Artelia in jewellery manufacturing truly shines in our ability to bring new life to the jewellery that needs a little bit of love and attention. At Artelia, we can use your gold or stones to make new designs, we can repair older or damaged jewellery, and we can create new bespoke pieces to sit perfectly alongside the jewellery in your current collection.

Please don't hesitate to contact us and let us tell you about how we can assist you with any of the pieces you own.