Vintage Engagement rings are showcased with detailed, ornate patterns and are renowned for their detailed, intricate styles. From gothic designs to fairytale inspired and the ever popular art deco era, vintage style engagement rings are unique yet timeless in their nature. They give the old World look while utilising modern and durable jewellery making techniques of milgrain and filigree, and often resemble lace.


Vintage style engagement ring is a term given to designs that are 20-100 years old and commonly feature finer details such as milgrain, engraving, gemstone clusters and filigree. The most popular designs include vintage style halo engagement rings featuring oval, round and emerald cut diamonds with a milgrain border on either side of the accent diamonds, such as the Adele Halo Engagement ring. This engagement ring design has been one of the biggest sellers of 2021. Incorporating a unique pattern along with a clever raised setting is the perfect modern take on a uniquely vintage style.


Aside from the ever popular Art deco and ornate designs, another era that has really started to emerge is the Edwardian era of design. Designs were traditionally marked by their elaborate details, angled lines and intricate work around a centre diamond or coloured gemstone. The more modern takes being produced now display beautiful, intricate detail along with light, elegant looks. View our Edwardian Vintage Style Engagement ring here.

Trilogy Engagement rings are also considered a popular design choice for a vintage style engagement ring. The combination of the three gemstones or diamonds reflects the classic, vintage designs. 

One of the best reasons why you should choose a vintage engagement ring style is because you can apply your own unique style and story. No matter if you choose Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco, each period, century and decade promises something different and stunningly unique.

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