Couple's hands, proposal with Artelia ring on finger.

Restore the radiance of your beloved jewellery with our professional cleaning services. At Artelia, we specialise in bringing back the lustre and brilliance to your treasured pieces. Trust us to give your jewellery the care it deserves, ensuring it shines with timeless beauty.

Complimentary clean for our bespoke jewellery

Artelia Jewellery offer a complimentary clean for each one of our bespoke jewellery pieces. Simply drop your item off and we will give it a clean a long with a thorough inspection to ensure all gemstones are secure and there are no structural issues. This process usually takes 30min to one hour, however if any further treatment needs to be undertaken ie. re polish or rhodium plating we will need the item for 5-10 working days.

All Artelia pieces are covered with a lifetime Manufacturers Warranty (please check our terms and conditions for further details.)

Ring cleaning and replating

Renew the allure of your cherished rings with our expert ring cleaning and replating services. Our skilled professionals will carefully clean and polish your rings to restore their natural brilliance. Additionally, we offer replating services to revive the beauty of worn-out metal coatings, ensuring your rings regain their original splendor. Trust us to give your rings the love and attention they deserve.

We do recommend making an appointment with us to ensure timeframes are met and suggest a weekday to make sure sufficient time is spent.

Artelia engagement ring being polished, machinery in background.


At Artelia, we take pride in offering a comprehensive Jewellery Cleaning Service that goes beyond restoring the radiance of your beloved pieces. Our skilled professionals not only specialise in cleaning and replating, but also provide expert jewellery repairs, remodelling jewellery, and crafting exquisite custom jewellery. Trust us to care for your treasured pieces, ensuring they shine with timeless beauty and last for generations to come. Experience the artistry of our Jewellery Cleaning Service and let your jewellery sparkle like never before.

Visit us at Artelia 243 Collins St, in the heart of Melbourne CBD, or send an online enquiry