Timeless, dainty and elegant, there’s no end to the stylish necklace options that Artelia offers. If you’re looking for the best diamond initial necklaces in Australia, look no further. Thanks to its simple and minimalist aesthetic, our initials necklaces can be paired with all the other pieces in your jewellery collection.

Diamond initials necklaces for a special occasion

Everyone loves a personal touch to their jewellery, and nothing is more personal than your name. For a piece of jewellery that offers both sparkle and a subtle touch of lustre, you can’t go past a diamond initials necklace from Artelia.

High-quality diamond initial necklaces in Australia

Available in 18K white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, our dazzling range of trendy diamond initial necklaces will give you that celebrity look and feel. Show off that A-list style today by wearing a diamond letter necklace on special occasions. You can also pair it well with diamond initial earrings for a perfectly curated and seamless look!

To book an appointment and see how it will look adorned on your neck, contact us today and experience our VIP consultation services.


Where does Artelia source their diamonds from?

At Artelia, we believe in only sourcing the best quality diamonds. That’s why we go all over the globe in search of the best. Our diamonds are all .40ct and above — unless you make a custom request for a lower grade — and are specially curated and vetted to ensure quality.

How long will my diamond initials necklace last?

Diamonds are known for their virtually unlimited lifespan. With proper care and a gentle clean, you’ll never worry about degradation. So, if you want an expressive and elegant piece that will last you a lifetime, a diamond initial necklace from Artelia is the way to go.

Why choose Artelia for diamond initials necklaces?

Artelia is renowned for its background in manufacturing, allowing us to have an expert eye on all things jewellery. A diamond letter necklace is a personal and sentimental piece, which we excel at.

Our expert team has decades of experience in the industry and the passion to match. They’ll go through the whole decision-making process with you, ensuring that you’re aware of every aspect of your choice and will remain satisfied for years to come. We also offer a VIP consultation experience to guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Book an appointment with us today to discuss your options.

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