Traditional yet bold, geometric yet romantic. Emerald cut engagement rings offer a striking, almost architectural impression with their elegant long facet stones. An emerald cut engagement ring can be customised to reflect your unique personality and style with a bridal set that is gorgeous in both art deco, vintage-inspired pieces and contemporary settings.

Choose Artelia for women’s emerald cut engagement rings in Melbourne

When you choose Artelia for your emerald cut engagement ring, you’re selecting a wealth of jewelling experience and an in-house design team that cares about crafting your unique piece. We’re passionate about creating pieces that aren’t just beautiful but reflect the wearer and everything about your relationship you want your ring to symbolise. Book an appointment with our team today, and discover the difference of the best bespoke jewellery and emerald cut engagement rings in Australia. 


What is an emerald cut diamond?

An emerald cut diamond can be identified by its long rectangular face at the top of the stone, glimmering multifaceted corners and dramatic prism shape that comes to a point on the stone’s underside. The result is an incredibly brilliant cut that catches the light from every angle. Emerald cut solitaire engagement rings show this cut off in spectacular fashion with a single stone, while emerald cut halo engagement rings use the radiant cut to create an entire constellation of twinkling jewels. 

What does an emerald cut engagement ring symbolise?

The emerald cut is perhaps best known for enhancing a stone’s clarity with its open design. Likewise, a silver or gold emerald cut engagement ring signifies an honest and transparent love, with nothing but the purity of emotion at its heart. 

What are the most popular designs for emerald cut engagement rings?

When it comes to choosing the right style for you, it’s undeniable that emerald cut diamond rings often win the day in terms of popularity. With a cut shape designed to expose as much of the stone’s clarity as possible, the clear light from a diamond makes it a perfect candidate for this cut. 

Many other stones also look incredible with an emerald cut. For example, emeralds are an obvious candidate and more dusky gems with minor inclusions that some brides may choose to highlight rather than obscure, morganite salt and pepper diamonds and tourmaline.

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