Smooth, opalescent and rounded to perfection. A unique proposal deserves a ring just as special, and a pearl engagement ring wears its individuality on its sleeve. Its organic shape is equally as beautiful in a solitaire style as it is in a contrasting pearl and diamond ring. Whether you decide to fuse a traditional geometric cut stone with a pearl engagement ring or opt for a contemporary piece with fluid metalwork and modern lines, a pearl is a truly stunning choice for a custom engagement ring

Discover our in-house designed pearl engagement rings, Australia

Since the 1990s, Artelia’s expert jewellers have been crafting pearl engagement rings in Melbourne. Because we use high quality, ethically sourced materials to make our designs right in the heart of Melbourne, we’re able to offer you complete control when it comes to choosing your perfect ring. Choose from our collection of pearl engagement rings, or book an appointment with us today and start the process of discovering your own bespoke piece.  


Why choose a pearl engagement ring?

If you’re planning for your wedding to be a unique and individual affair, a pearl engagement ring continues this theme beautifully. They are a unique and eye-catching choice for an engagement ring, and thanks to their shape, which is formed naturally and not cut like a faceted stone, they lend a soft, natural and contemporary feel to any ring design.

What are the most popular designs for pearl engagement rings in Melbourne?

The distinct shape of pearls lends themselves to whimsical settings, like nestled in the heart of a pavé flower, complete with individually wrought petals. For an even more sumptuous effect, a pearl and diamond engagement ring brings a flash of brilliance and ethereal quality, or an extra gemstone can be added to your wedding band for a bold and dynamic bridal set. Sapphire and pearl engagement rings evoke the natural beauty of the ocean, with sapphire’s deep blue contrasting against the soft glowing heart of a pearl.

Where are Artelia’s pearls sourced from?

At Artelia, we take pride in exclusively sourcing the materials for our engagement rings from ethical sources. Some of our favourite pearls to use are Australian south sea pearls — one of the most luxurious sources of pearls and renowned for their soft, warm gold glow.

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