Want to design your own engagement ring?

At Artelia, we wish to offer artfully designed rings that truly symbolise your relationship. Our bespoke approach implies that we give you the freedom to create a one-off ring that is just yours and will always be cherished. We give you control over every element of the design process for an experience like none other. Your journey towards designing the best engagement ring is sure to be a rewarding one with us. If you have an idea in mind and want to design your own engagement ring, feel free to connect with us. We bring you the finest wedding and engagement rings, crafted to perfection. Proudly designed and created in-house by an experienced team, we can design a ring, especially for you. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirement.

Engagement Rings


The best place to start is at our boutique in Fountain Gate shopping centre or our lounge On Swanston St, Melbourne CBD. Meeting with us in person allows us to show you the quality of our jewellery and the designs that we can offer you, as well as discussing the details of your dream ring.

At Artelia we are passionate about making unique and special rings, and approach each design with enthusiasm and passion. We would love to help you design your perfect ring, and if you would love to create your dream ring with us, don’t hesitate to pay us a visit.

Definitely. Being jewellery manufacturers, we are capable of making beautiful bespoke designs with your own stones. Depending on the original design, we can even reset diamonds from other completed rings. If you have already purchased a diamond, or you have a diamond that’s very sentimental to you, please don’t hesitate to ask about what we can create for you.

At Artelia we encourage our clients to select their own stone, as it gives them greater control over the quality and size of the diamond, as well as how all of these details relate to their personal price point. Once we have a clear idea of design, and the size and cut of the diamond, we organise to a time for our clients to view a series of diamonds that are perfectly tailored to their designs.

At Artelia all of our experienced team members are more than happy to help you select the perfect ring, but when it comes to jewellery, everyone is different. Think about whether your partner prefers white, yellow or rose gold, the design of any rings they might have already, and if there are any designs that you know of that they really love.

If your partner is someone who has pictures saved, it would be a good idea to save a copy of them on your phone for reference. If they have any friends who can help you (and can keep a secret of course) it might be a good idea to ask them for a little help. Once you’ve gathered all your information, stop by the store and we’ll help you find the perfect design for your special someone.

If you have another ring that your partner wears comfortably on the ring finger of their right hand, that can often be a good indicator of size, alternatively if you know roughly where their ring sits on your finger, that can also help us in getting the size as close as possible. These techniques however only help us to achieve our best guess, and will not be a perfect size match. This is why we include a complementary ring resize with the purchase of every Artelia engagement ring.

At Artelia all of our designs – bespoke or otherwise – are designed to last a lifetime of love and care. This is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on manufacturing faults. However we do not accept responsibility for damage that arises from wear and tear or rough treatment. All of our products are designed to last, but some designs are more delicate than others. We encourage all customers to talk to one of our talented jewellers about how to best take care of their new engagement ring.

Of course we can, Artelia has always been dedicated to bespoke jewellery, and we consider the wedding bands to be a piece that should when possible always be bespoke, particularly for individuals with an engagement ring. It is essential when placing a wedding band – diamond or otherwise – next to an engagement rings that the profile, width and thickness of the two bands are as close to identical as possible, so that it will be visually a true pair.

When it comes to diamond engagement or eternity bands, it is necessary to ensure that the setting and size of the diamonds on the engagement ring and wedding band are identical or complimentary, so that the two rings rest together perfectly. For wedding bands that sit alone, we offer an exceptionally wide range of designs to suit any individual, all of which can of course be customized to suit your tastes.

Given our background in manufacturing, we are more than happy to repair your existing jewellery. We will do so efficiently, but without ever compromising the quality of our work. The magic of jewellery is in its history and sentimentality, and we treat those pieces with respect and care.

We would love to give your design some love and affection, whether that is a polish and rhodium, retipping your claws, replacing lost stones or repairing damage from wear and tear. Please don’t hesitate to drop by our showroom and talk about how we can help make your design shine like new.

Through our bespoke jewellery services we are also more than happy to remodel your existing rings, we use your stones (and your gold, if for sentimental reasons you would like to use it) and make an entirely new design to your specification from the materials of your original piece. Additionally, if you have lost your ring or in some way irreparably damaged it, we would love to help you remake your original design as exactly as we can.

How can I create a bespoke design with Artelia?

If you are interested in designing a bespoke piece at Artelia jewellers, please feel welcome to visit us at our Fountain Gate store. Any and all design inspiration is welcome and appreciated, whether that is an image you’ve seen, a piece you already own, or a drawing on a napkin. 

Is there additional costs for bespoke designs with Artelia?

  • When it comes to bespoke designs at Artelia, our direct relationship with jewellery manufacturing and our extensive experience in jewellery means that our clients pay accordingly for the value of the piece we have created and the cost of the dedicated workmanship of our jewellers. Artelia does not subscribe to a system in which clients pay for every step of the bespoke process, because designing the piece for you is our specialty, and our prices are very compettitive.

Can I alter an in store design?

  • If there is a design in Artelia that is almost the piece of your dreams, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with our team, we are more than capable of creating the perfect design for you, and are much more interested in personal and unique designs than we are in quick sales. (unless it’s already perfect, in which case we could not be more thrilled for you).

Is it safe to purchase online through artelia.com.au?

  • Absolutely! Our site is 100% secure and all our pieces are sent with registrered and insured post.

Does Artelia stock coloured stones? 

 - Artelia features a wide range of diamonds, pearls and coloured stones. If there’s a particular stone that you love, and you would like to design a bespoke piece with Artelia we have a large inventory of coloured gems and diamonds, sourced all over the World and many are exclusive to Artelia, unavailable anywhere else. We are experts of sourcing for you the gem of your dreams, down to the cut, hue and size, we can also custom cut gemstones to your specifications. If you’re interested in discussing a bespoke design with Artelia we encourage you to visit our welcoming and professional team at our flagship store in Fountain Gate.

How do I pay for a bespoke design at Artelia?

To create a bespoke design with Artelia we require a 50% deposit before the design is to be created. We are happy to discuss our designs, our prices and our bespoke process with you outside of a monetary commitment, however we require a deposit to secure your diamond, create for you accurate 3D rendered images of your design, and ultimately manufacture your piece. The remaining 50% can be paid at the completion of the bespoke process when you pick up your design. Any payment in the interim means that your payments will be classified as part of a lay-by purchase. We can offer to our clients at Artelia at 16 week Lay-by plan, should you be interested. At Artelia there is no additional cost for altering your design or creating new 3D rendered images of design alternatives before production commences. 

I’ve changed my mind about creating a bespoke piece with Artelia, can my deposit be refunded?

Due the immense amount of work that has been undertaken by our team in designing your piece (included but not limited to sourcing and the order of diamonds or other gemstones to your specifications, creating detailed and accurate 3D renders and production of your piece) the 50% deposit required for bespoke designs is non refundable. Any additional payments made will be refunded by Artelia.