Oval Cut Engagement Rings

An oval cut engagement ring's long profile and flowing shape is undeniable in its striking beauty. Elongating the hand and offering a wealth of options when it comes to setting and ring style, oval diamond engagement rings and other oval cut gemstones are always a popular choice for a ring as important as the one you’ll propose with. Whether you fall in love with one of the oval cut diamond engagement rings from our collection or want to create a custom ring yourself, the team at Artelia are here to make your decision-making process as flawless as the jewel you end up choosing.

Discover in-house designed oval engagement rings, Australia

As a full-service jeweller that designs and manufactures our oval cut engagement rings in our Melbourne workshop, Artelia can help you create the perfect unique engagement ring you’ve always dreamed of. Allow our variety of oval cut stones set in a range of styles to inspire you, or book an appointment with us today and talk to us about your vision for your oval engagement band.


Why choose an oval cut engagement ring?

A universally flattering cut of stone, oval cut gemstones reveal a dazzling number of facets on each aspect of the jewel without sacrificing significant portions of the stone. Oval cut engagement rings on a thin band offer an elegant and timeless profile that can be worn with pride and love for years to come. One of the most elegant cuts, oval engagement rings are equally appropriate for an opulent art deco-inspired style and a sleek modern setting alike.

Whether you choose to focus the oval cut jewel in a solitaire style, set it amongst a constellation of pavé diamonds or encircle it within a halo of bejewelled detail, an oval cut engagement ring always makes a memorable impression.

Why choose Artelia for women's oval cut engagement rings in Australia?

With years of experience in making couples’ proposal and engagement dreams come true, Artelia offers a truly luxurious bespoke service to help you craft the perfect ring to symbolise your love. Whether you plan to design your oval engagement ring together, or one of you is surprising the other with a grand gesture, our diamond and fine jewellery experts can help you to find the perfect piece you’ll treasure for all time.

Send an enquiry to us to ask any questions about our custom design rings and jewellery. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours.

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