Have Your Engagement Ring Designed at Artelia, your Partner will Love You for it

Men spend a lot of time considering the perfect engagement ring design for the woman they love. This isn't all that surprising. If you're about to propose to that special woman and hopefully spend the rest of your lives together, you get one chance to make the moment special and memorable. While the perfect engagement ring may not be a deal-breaker, it's sure to tip the balance in your favour. 

Many popular engagement rings are inspired by love songs and sayings. There's no doubt custom-made rings for diamond engagements can be special, but they don't compare to a custom ring that is in a league of its own. When you invest in custom engagement rings Melbourne, you make that key moment extra special, and you can be sure your partner won't encounter the same ring anywhere else. Learn more about why men choose to design their engagement rings in Melbourne here at Artelia. 

Custom Made Jewellery Designers

Do you have the perfect custom-made Jewellery Ring design in mind for the woman you love? It might be a diamond, a gem, a ruby, or something else. It's not always easy to realise that the perfect image of a diamond engagement ring in your mind, which is why Artelia jewellers have a custom-made service. We use special 3D CAD imaging technology to analyse your design accurately from different angles. 

Here at engagement rings in Melbourne, we use a process at custom made jewellery engagement rings Melbourne, to produce the model that is to scale. Our jewellers will design your custom-made diamond engagement ring according to the exact measurements of the finger. You will be able to view your custom-made rings and make modifications where required. Furthermore, for a small fee, you can have a sample silver ring made up before your final order. 

Custom Jewellery Remodelling

Sometimes we have an item of custom-made jewellery that is sentimental for some reason but is also damaged. What do you do with such an item? It would be painful to part with it, but is it any use otherwise? According to Artelia jewellers, it is. At our custom engagement rings Melbourne shop, we can help you to remodel an existing item of jewellery to give it a new custom-made diamond engagement feel. 

If you love your diamond or gemstone but want to update the ring design or the gold, we can do that for you. We can also use the original gold in the custom-made diamond engagement piece. This is especially useful for damaged or broken sentimental pieces. Additionally, we can craft a replica of a jewellery piece for you if it's been lost or stolen. 

Custom Jewellery Repairs

Many of us have iconic custom-made pieces of custom-made jewellery, such as engagement rings in Melbourne, stored in the house. It might be sentimental, a family heirloom, or, significant life item that's been damaged and is unwearable at present. It would be a shame if your treasured item was to stay that way and remain in a dark box forevermore. 

At Artelia jewellers we have enlisted the services of renowned master jewellers, such as Roberto Ulas and his team, who have over 80 years combined experience of custom-made jewellery manufacturing. They use both traditional and state of the art machinery to create beautiful and durable everyday pieces.  

Custom Made Jewellery

Why shop elsewhere when you can purchase unique handcrafted, custom made pieces, from Artelia jewellery. The creators of fine jewellery & engagement rings for Melbourne and Australia wide .

Whether you're looking for custom made engagement rings in Melbourne, custom made wedding rings or custom-made fine jewellery, you will find unique pieces at Artelia. The craftspeople we use have a combined experience of 80 years in the custom-made jewellery crafting business, making them some of Melbourne's best and most respected jewellers. Artelia can provide all kinds of jewellery items but we are best known as wedding and engagement ring specialists. 

Engagement Rings 

In many ways a custom-made diamond engagement ring is more special than a custom-made wedding ring. This is the ring that is presented at that special surprise moment when your life is set to change forever. It's important to choose a custom-made diamond engagement ring that encapsulates the significance of the occasion and says something unique. 

Artelia is well known for custom diamond engagement rings in Melbourne. We use only highly experienced jewellers and jewellery designers to craft the custom-made bespoke ring of your dreams and bring it to life. The custom-made engagement rings we produce range from simple diamond rings to jewel-encrusted ones. Whatever you desire we can create. 

Diamond Rings 

Whether you're buying diamond rings for an engagement, a wedding, or some other occasion, you want to ensure your diamond rings have the finest quality of diamond or diamonds fitted. Since these diamond rings are precious life-gifts they need to be made from materials of the highest grade, that lasts for decades. 

The diamonds at Artelia are the finest custom-made diamonds from around the globe. They are hand-selected by our experts for their quality and uniformity. Selecting the perfect diamond for diamond rings is both an art and a science. Our jewellery in Melbourne experts grade the colour, clarity, cut, and carat of the stone to ensure that only the best specimens are used. 

Wedding Rings 

When it comes to wedding rings, Artelia is the number one choice in Australia. That's because we have built a team of jewellery designers that has the most creative and passionate talent in the industry. We pride ourselves on selecting the best craftsmen in the field to create wedding rings uniquely tailored to your specifications. 

When looking at our jewellery in Melbourne, the chances are we will already have what you're looking for. We have designed so many wedding rings for him and her over the years that we already have a wide selection of silver, gold, and diamond rings. But don't let that stop you from being creative and combining ideas to custom create a new design. 

Custom Jewellery 

Artelia is not only known for high-grade wedding and engagement rings, what makes us stand apart is our custom design services. We marry the talent of our in-house team with our clients to create unique pieces of jewellery you won't find anywhere else. Our services are often used for wedding and engagement jewellery, but we facilitate many ideas and occasions. 

When you choose to collaborate with us on custom engagement rings in Melbourne you will partner with some of the best talents in the business. We will work with you to handcraft an exquisite piece of jewellery in Melbourne using rare gemstones and world-class craftsmanship. If you have a jewellery item in mind for a special occasion, work with us and make your precious vision come to life.  

How Can I Design a Ring? 

At Artelia custom made rings Melbourne, we use the most experienced jewellers and the latest technology to help you create exquisite one-off engagement rings designs for your special occasions. The first step to designing your ring is to come up with a concept. 

Your design concept can be from your imagination, or one that combines existing engagement rings styles. If you contact us you will work closely with our designers to create the perfect handcrafted jewellery in Melbourne. Bring your idea and your passion to us, there is little else you will need. 

Can I Select a Stone? 

We actively encourage clients to select their stone from custom made rings. It's vitally important to us that you receive the engagement rings you have in mind and a big consideration is the quality and cuts of the diamond for your diamond rings. That is why we give you full control over the selection process. 

You will be given the chance to select the quality and size of diamond for your diamond rings based on your particular price point. After we have a clear idea of the customer design we invite clients to custom made rings Melbourne where they view the tailored stones which can be individually selected - this is standard for jewellery in Melbourne. 

Can You Help with Selection? 

Selecting an item of jewellery for an engagement or wedding is a very personal process. At Artelia we respect this, however, we are on hand to help you with the selection process, to make sure you receive the jewellery item you and your partner deserve. 

When it comes to jewellery in Melbourne and custom-made rings Melbourne, everyone is different. While we make every effort in the house to ask the right questions and select the perfect item, it can help to have some background information. Does your partner prefer white, yellow, or rose gold, for instance? Bringing pictures of engagement rings to the consultation is encouraged. 

What About Ring Design Sizes? 

Getting the size of the diamond rings perfect is not only a tricky process, but it's also vitally important for the long-term comfort of the wearer. Fingers sizes vary by degrees and getting the precise size sometimes means trial and error. We encourage clients to research other custom-made rings Melbourne, that are worn by their partners. 

If your partner has another ring they wear on the same finger, it's a good indicator for our in house craftsmen. Alternatively, you can test the size of the ring on your finger and make the best guess. These methods often work well for our jewellers but in the event they don't, we offer a free resizing service for jewellery in Melbourne.

How Long Should I Wait? 

Typically, our manufacturing process for a bespoke ring design takes between three and six weeks to complete. This is fairly standard for jewellery in Melbourne; however, it may vary based on the complexity of the design. If six weeks seems too long for you, don't worry. If you talk to our jewellers about your plans, at Artelia Jewellery in Melbourne we can work closely with you and accommodate for specific timeframes.’